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  • Prefuse 73 - Preparations/Interregnums (Warp)


    Prefuse 73 - Preparations/Interregnums (Warp)

    The production work of Scott Herren began as a study in diametric personalities. The Brooklyn- and Atlanta-based producer emerged full force in 2000 under the aliases Delarosa & Asora, Savath & Savalas, and Prefuse 73. With each compounding persona,...

    by Tony Ware on December 13, 2007
  • Puscifer - V is for Vagina (Puscifer Entertainment/RED)


    Puscifer - V is for Vagina (Puscifer Entertainment/RED)

    Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan may have embraced new-agey spirituality and wine-collecting in his middle age, but one thing's for damn certain: The guy's still got a warped sense of humor. And he's bound to hit Tool fans where it hurts on this, ...

    by Saby Reyes-Kulkarni on December 13, 2007
  • Duran Duran - Red Carpet Massacre (Epic)


    Duran Duran - Red Carpet Massacre (Epic)

    Duran Duran had two options when it set out to make Red Carpet Massacre, its first album in four years: Try to reclaim New Wave disco from contemporary disciples like the Killers, or go for the commercial gusto by teaming with a red-hot producer. An...

    by Dan Leroy on December 13, 2007
  • Sigur Rós - Hvarf/Heim, Heima (XL Recordings)


    Sigur Rs - Hvarf/Heim, Heima (XL Recordings)

    Though it has been largely off the radar, Iceland's Sigur Rs is no less majestic in 2007 than when it first broke worldwide a few years ago. The band returns with this month's two-EP set Hvarf/Heim and concert/documentary DVD Heima, as essential as...

    by Michael Roberts on December 13, 2007
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    'Lectric Friends - The infamous, formerly local Kreamy 'Lectric Santa returns for three nights in Miami -- and this time, it'll be mostly lucid.

    Back in the mid-Nineties, the Miami-birthed noise act Kreamy 'Lectric Santa was playing now-defunct Miami Beach venue Washington Square. Suddenly the club's musical director, a guy named Doc Wiley, cut off the sound. "There's nothing like trippin...

    by Arielle Castillo on December 13, 2007
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    RIP Max Roach

    The Legendary Max Roach At work In sad news, great jazz percussionist Max Roach passed away yesterday at the age of 83. He'd been sick for some time according to reports and died on Wednesday in a Manhattan hospital. Roach was one of the well noted...

    @ Crossfade by Jonathan Cunningham on August 16, 2007 @ 9:05 pm
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    Marisela Verena Sends a Message

    Marisela Verena has never sat down to compose a song - or sing one for that matter - with the idea it's going to climb the charts or end up getting regular airplay. It's the message she's trying to convey to the masses that concerns her most. "I wri...

    @ Crossfade on August 16, 2007 @ 10:50 am
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    Review: Projekt Revolution, August 10

    The Projekt Revolution Tour, featuring Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance, Taking Back Sunday, Placebo, H.I.M., and others Sound Advice Ampitheatre August 10, 2007 View a slideshow of photos from the concert here. Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance ...

    @ Crossfade by Arielle Castillo on August 15, 2007 @ 6:57 pm
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    Monday Night: OZONE Awards at the James L. Knight Center

    Second Annual Ozone Awards James L. Knight Center, Downtown Miami August 13, 2007 Better Than: The over-hyped, over-rehearsed and just plain ol' boring MTV Music Video Awards. OK, the Second Annual Ozone Awards are meant to honor the very best th...

    @ Crossfade by Arielle Castillo on August 15, 2007 @ 3:29 pm
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    Ladies Love Cool James

    Is it just me, or was LL Cool J a lot "cooler" before all the botox and lip-licking that he does now got out of control? Not sure why he's so image conscious, but if you ask me, LL was at his best back in the day during videos like this. --Jonatha...

    @ Crossfade by Jonathan Cunningham on August 15, 2007 @ 12:14 pm
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    Last Night: Macy Gray at Hard Rock Live

    Macy Gray Hard Rock Live, Hollywood August 14, 2007 Better Than: A Sideshow Give Macy Gray her due. The woman's not just a one hit wonder even though it's her song "I Try" that brought most of the crowd out to the Hard Rock to see her. Par...

    @ Crossfade on August 15, 2007 @ 11:39 am
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    CD Review: Against Me!

    Against Me! New Wave Gainesville's Against Me! shares a hometown with Lynyrd Skynyrd and, discounting the redneck caricature Skynyrd became after frontman/spiritual leader Ronnie Van Zant's 1977 death, a lot more: a keen eye for the flaws of l...

    @ Crossfade by Arielle Castillo on August 14, 2007 @ 4:28 pm
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    Concert Review: Masters of Mayhem 3 at Thunderbird Resort

    Lucy Orozco Masters of Mayhem Thunderbird Beach Resort August 11, 2007 Better Than: Getting locked inside a tanning booth and blistering up to the sound of "Diamond Girl," on your brand new iPod headphones. The review: The usual darkness and...

    @ Crossfade on August 13, 2007 @ 11:36 am
  • Vince Neil's Little Black Book - Imaginary conquests in the life of the former Mötley Crüe frontman.


    Vince Neil's Little Black Book - Imaginary conquests in the life of the former Mtley Cre frontman.

    If you have breasts and attended a Mtley Cre concert in the Eighties, odds are you had sex with one of, some of, or all of the band members. But, ahh, wasn't that the raison d'tre for being a rock star during the greatest decade of rock decadence...

    by Cole Haddon on December 6, 2007
  • Free for All - Give it away, give it away, give it away now.


    Free for All - Give it away, give it away, give it away now.

    Radiohead may have gotten all the hype for the pay-what-you-wish scheme behind its latest online-only release, In Rainbows. But the English rockers weren't the first to willfully give away their music -- it's a gimmick stretching all the way back to...

    by Randall Roberts on December 6, 2007
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    Girls, Aloud - A new Shangri-Las compilation reminds pop tarts how it's really done.

    This month Cleopatra Records offers some important aid in resuscitating the girl-group genre. The new compilation Leader of the Pack highlights the career of the inimitable Shangri-Las. The album is a push for today's female artists aching to shr...

    by Ryan Foley on December 6, 2007
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    Kokomo might not be real, but Monty's (2550 S. Bayshore Dr., Coconut Grove; 305-858-1431) surely captures the touristy quality of that fictional vacation paradise. At this bar and restaurant situated on the Coconut Grove marina, couples sip fruity f...

    by Alexandra Quiñones on December 6, 2007
  • Alejandro Sanz


    Alejandro Sanz

    Whether they know it or not, most radio-listening gringos have heard Alejandro Sanz. In 2005 the Madrid native recorded a little duet with Shakira called "La Tortura" ("The Torture") for her sixth studio album, Fijacin Oral Vol. 1. When the dust ha...

    by Eric W. Saeger on December 6, 2007
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    Glass Candy

    When Ida No was deciding what to call her glam-inflected, no-wave-channeling, minimalist-disco, shrapnel-shrieking dance-floor mindfuck of a band, she must have had an Archimedean moment of epiphany. No and friends took the elements of Ziggy Star...

    by Nicholas Hall on December 6, 2007
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    Alex Gaudino

    The Italian-born Alex Gaudino had already enjoyed more than a decade and a half as a successful DJ, remixer, and A&R guy when, earlier this year, he concocted a little musical alchemy and struck real international gold. Deciding to revisit a 2003 tr...

    by Arielle Castillo on December 6, 2007
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