Architecture in Helsinki at Grand Central November 11

The architecture in Helsinki, Finland, is world-renowned. The city's neoclassical structures and art nouveau buildings have been celebrated for their architecturally functional design and aesthetic appeal. Naturally, when the members of an indie outfit from Fitzroy, Australia, needed a name that would capture their brand of stylishly synthesized pop music, they chose Architecture in Helsinki.

For 11 years, this quintet from Down Under has turned out brilliantly crafted pop music with an aura of sweet youthfulness that's second to none. Like the city and structures it's named for, the group effortlessly blends classical and new, incorporating a variety of instruments ranging from glockenspiel to Roland keyboards.

Earlier this year, the band released Moment Bends, its fourth studio album. As usual, Architecture delivered an incredibly catchy 40-minute batch of brainy pop-rock. In our capsule review, we called "Contact High," the record's first single, "perhaps the most carefully constructed pop song not written by Swedish music producers for Katy Perry." And that's a declaration we proudly stand by.


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