Arboles Libres

This past February, as a trifle, two buddies got together to jam through free-form guitar exercises while smoking a bowl for the good of mankind. It should have been a one-time thing, but it took root, grew wildly, and flowered excessively. Now, almost a year later, that early impermanent duo has become a fully focused (though blissfully baked) trio called Arboles Libres.

With Juan "Nacho" Londono and Eddie Moreno sharing guitar and vocal duties, and Anthony Genovese handling the kit and other percussion, this local band specializes in a certain brand of moody freak-folk. Sometimes acoustic, sometimes electric, and often a blend of both, Los Arboles spin complex instrumental soundscapes, peppered with occasional Spanglish narration, that warp and wind through trippy psychological territory. But this is weird, dark, summer-of-'69 stuff, so even punks and other hippie haters will feel the love. Hit Sweat this Saturday for a free sample when Nacho, Eddie, and Ant play a special in-store set alongside kindred Magic City spirits Flower Flower Yes and Ice Cream.


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