Annie Mac at Electric Pickle September 23

BBC Radio 1 host Annie Mac is a well-respected female DJ — a rarity in the dude-dominated halls of clubland. Not that there aren't great lady DJs out there, but people tend to assume that a woman's success is linked to her looks. (Sample misconception: "She's hot, so there's no way she's any good.") But Mac has repeatedly proven herself, shutting up the naysayers with her stellar work behind the decks while also avoiding the pitfalls of trends. Her latest mix, Annie Mac Presents Sunshine Players 2010, keeps things light, pushing a party-ready soundtrack for these late days of summer. She scatters touches of electro-house, dubstep, and grime across the landscape without allowing a single genre to dictate the direction of the compilation. Keeping the energy high, she's always in total control. See Ms. Mac at the Electric Pickle alongside a talented all-male support team of local DJs Danny Daze, Gigamesh, Pirate Stereo, Damaged Goods, and Troy Kurtz.


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