Anna Nalick

Anna Nalick's melodic, slightly miffed, but contemplative alt-pop sound is likely to jive with anyone who can confess to having belted out Avril Lavigne's whimsical "Complicated" while listening to the radio on the way to work. Okay, let's face it, that would be a lot of us. Also running in the vein of Jewel, Alanis Morissette, and Fiona Apple, Nalick's music has a kind of universal pop appeal that's edgy enough to ward off bubblegum but sweet enough to play in the elevator. You can focus on her philosophical lyrics while getting teeth drilled at the dentist, you'll oblige to your neighbor blaring her in the office cubicle next to yours, and you might be able to persuade alt-rocker friends and Desperate Housewives fans alike to converge at one of her shows.


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