Angel y Khriz

Remember when reggaeton first blew up internationally, extending its reach far beyond the confines of Puerto Rico? Every club and radio station from Beantown to Brussels was playing that new booty music from La Isla del Encanto. Few of the cats from that first wave have survived in the industry, though, and of those who did, fewer still have evolved with the times. A prime example of those rare thriving, evolving survivors, though, is the duo Angel y Khriz.

Since pairing up ten years ago, Angel Rivera Guzmán and Christian Colón have maintained a steadily successful pace. That's even despite the inherent risks following an international megahit — the 2004 party jam "Ven Baílalo," which Billboard recently recognized as the "Number One Latin Song of the Decade." But the duo has continued to make strides since then, releasing two more discs, including this year's Da Take Over, which has already received heavy airplay with first single "Ayer la Vi."


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