Andrea Echeverri

One of the better skeins spun by Andrea Echeverri — Colombian enchantress and singer for that country's alt-folk-rock sensations Aterciopelados — is the one in which the traditional Latin female submission role is shattered. When machismo rears its ugly head, Echeverri diffuses it with sweet melodies and smart lyrics. Humorous, sensitive, fierce — her solo work is more on the sleeves than the stuff with Aterciopelados, but it's more in line with the innate gestalt that is the mix of South American living. The native meets the African and hangs out with the American. Call her Joan Baez, Patti Smith, hell, even Lani Hall — whether she's delivering a coup d'etat ("Lactochampeta") or blissfully in love with love and motherhood ("A Eme O"), it doesn't matter. Switching effortlessly from a seductive croon to an emotive wail, she is tough but understated, riding the waves of her band's slightly trippy, radio-friendly rhythms. Bubbling percussion and digital beats win out over loud choruses that are punctuated with sounds like whistles blowing and birds chirping. Sharing the bill at La Covacha in Doral are Argentina's Los Enanitos Verdes. The Jack Daniels-sponsored event is private, but you can register for a chance to win free invitations at


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