American Music Awards 2012: Six Things That Sucked and Six Things That Didn't Totally Suck

Last night, the American Music Awards turned 40. And we know what you're thinking: WTF the American Music Awards?

Well, it's an ABC tradition, originated by the late, great Dick Clark. It's like the American Idol of shitty award shows, in that the fans choose the winners by an online poll, which means nothing is determined by talent and every artist is "more honored" because "it's the fans" who've granted them this achievement.

But did they totally suck? Well, sort of.

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Six Things That Didn't Totally Suck

Usher's Epic Three-Song Intro

He's one of the coolest dancers/singers in the world and he kicked shit off proper with his opening medley of new hits. He danced his way through dramatic renditions of "Numb," "Climax" and the brand-new "Can't Stop, Won't Stop," all backed by some of the most intense lasers, smoke, and flashy distracting things the show would offer all night. Sure, his singing wasn't top-notch, but it's because he's actually moving up there and trying at the same damn time.

No Less Bullshit

One nice thing about the AMAs was the lack of stupid attempts to be funny between presentations. One of the most painful things about other shows is the terrible hokey-jokey videos that are supposed to be star-studded hilarity, but only end up being embarrassing for everyone involved. This award show had none of that crap, just straight-up lackluckster acceptance speeches intercut with a thousand performances by the highest-selling artists of the year.

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