Allison Moorer

Most of Moorer's songs have always explored life's darker side, which is understandable; when she was a teenager, her father murdered her mother and then took his own life. On Getting Somewhere, Moorer takes her demons for a walk in the sun, and although it's not all sweetness and light, it's a lot more positive than her previous work. Steve Earle produces with more rock crunch than country twang, giving the tracks a big, expansive feel. On "Take It So Hard," Moorer gives a pep talk to a suffering friend through a compassionate vocal that reminds her the worst pain is often self-inflicted. "Work to Do" is a cheerful rocker that tells a negative lover to take a hike. Moorer punctuates her exuberant vocal with a whoop of joy that underlines the song's liberating vibe. "Hallelujah" is taken at a more meditative pace, but its message of faith and redemption still shines through.


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