Alexis y Fido at La Covacha June 18

Does anyone ever get the feeling that, despite living in Miami, the only way to catch some good Latin music is overhearing it playing at ass-rumbling volume from your Cuban neighbors' back yard while they celebrate whatever minor event they've decided to celebrate that night?

In an industry filled with strange names paying homage to even stranger things, Alexis y Fido are surprisingly good. They reached gold with 2005's debut, The Pitbulls, and their reggaeton makes you want to get up and shake it, which is generally regarded as the primary function of Latin music. The Puerto Rican duo's current hit, "Contéstame el Teléfono," combines their signature sound with poppy singing that comes off a bit like Enrique Iglesias's old music. (Remember, back when we thought Pitbull was just a dog breed.)

Come enjoy their new music, cover your ears for the heavy stuff, and give yourself a real excuse for why you're gonna forget to wish your dad a happy Father's Day the next morning.


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