Alex Gaudino

The Italian-born Alex Gaudino had already enjoyed more than a decade and a half as a successful DJ, remixer, and A&R guy when, earlier this year, he concocted a little musical alchemy and struck real international gold. Deciding to revisit a 2003 track he wrote with Maurizio Nari, "Destination Unknown," he began tinkering with the beat backbone that supported Crystal Waters's soulful, almost lusty vocals recounting a plan for escape. Playing with samples, Gaudino found the magic ingredient — the almost sickeningly catchy sax hook from the Ibiza megahit "Calabria," originally by Danish producer Rune.

The result: "Destination Calabria," a funky Balearic workout with enough of a pop hook to turn it into a massive runaway club hit. Massive like number one on the UK dance charts (the Holy Grail of electronic artists worldwide), number four on that country's overall singles charts, and top dance chart spots in Australia, Mexico, France, Sweden, and others. The video, too, became a viral hit, possibly the only music video ever to make marching bands look hot. Think nubile minxes in green band jackets and miniskirts gyrating and licking trumpets — no wonder it was such a hit with viewers of lad mag FHM's Internet TV station. Expect a set equally sexy and pumping this Saturday at Mansion, which marks one of Gaudino's few recent gigs in the States.


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