Alanis Morissette Married Ex-Boca Rapper Souleye In Semi-Secret Ceremony

A grainy 2005 file photo of Souleye from New Times Broward-Palm Beach.
A grainy 2005 file photo of Souleye from New Times Broward-Palm Beach.

Back in May, Crossfade reported that Alanis Morisette was pregnant by longtime boyfriend Souleye, a.k.a. ex-Boca resident Mario Treadway, a conscious-type hip-hop MC specializing in vaguely crunchy, spiritual lyrics. (Really crunchy -- dude even once worked at Whole Foods). Yesterday, People reported that the two semi-secretly got hitched at Morisette's L.A. home approximately a million Internet years ago, way back on May 22.

The full scoop is over at our sister blog, New Times Broward-Palm Beach's County Grind, which specializes in all South Florida goodness north of the Miami-Dade County line. Click here to check out more Alanis-Souleye gossip which apparently includes the nugget that, conveniently, the rapper is working on a new record. 

For some old background on Souleye's music career, check out this 2005 story on him from New Times Broward-Palm Beach. A brief excerpt:

On a summer day in 2003, nomadic b-boy Mario Treadway embarked on a shamanistic journey -- what he calls his vision quest. It was in that mystical space that he encountered the spirit guide who bestowed the name he uses today.

"He approached me while I was in a trance state," Treadway remembers. "He covered my ears and said 'Souleye.' Then I woke up."

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