Ain't Nobody

Ain't Nobody

Everyone knows Chaka Khan from her "glory days," an era that, by most standards, began in 1973 with a hit-laden five-year run as the frontwoman for Rufus and slowly faded away after her vital 1984 cover of Prince's "I Feel For You." She's had an unassuming career ever since while being plagued by some potent personal demons (let's just say Whitney Houston copied more aspects of Khan's life than "I'm Every Woman").

Khan is currently not signed to a label; her last album, Come 2 My House, was released on Prince's NPG label in 1998. But she does appear to have found a renewed love for performing live. Though, curiously, her appearance in Miami comes sandwiched in between a mini-tour highlighted by some casino shows (traditional Vegas and rural Native American joints alike) and jazz events, it should nevertheless be an exciting glimpse of one of the world's most timelessly impressive soul singers.


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