Adam Green

An ex-member of skewered folk duo Moldy Peaches, Adam Green creates naughty narratives filled with guilty pleasures, fueled by a vibrant croon that recalls both Morrissey and Jim Morrison and skittishly engaging melodies that reference Bacharach, Brel, and Berry (Chuck, that is). Like fellow indie idol Conor Oberst, the 23-year old Green seems remarkably worldly for one so young; his smart yet saucy offerings detail a would-be presidential encounter ("Choke on a Cock"), a junkie's despair ("Crackhouse Blues"), and explicit odes to failed love ("Who's Your Boyfriend"). Given lyrics that teeter from ludicrous to lascivious ("Carolina, she's from Texas/Red bricks drop from her vagina," he coos on "Carolina"), Gemstones provides a terrific blend of trash and treasure.


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