Ace Hood's Fisker Karma and Seven Other Hip-Hop Eco-Whips

Recently, Ace Hood was back in town shooting the video for his feature on DJ Absolut's "Untouchable." And like most ballers, Ace was driving a sick whip. But what's notable is he was driving a Fisker Karma, a hybrid that can get 52 miles per gallon.

Between money and marijuana, hip-hop was already one of the most green industries in the world. Until now, though, its obsession with cars had long kept hip-hop from being recognized as a world leader in saving the world. Running the world, yes. Saving it? No.

We here at Crossfade think more Florida rappers should be driving hoopdies that won't make the ozone say, "Oh no!" So here's how Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Trina, and others could hypothetically continue getting paper while also making sure it's at least 85-percent post-consumer recycled.

"I think I'm Al Gore! Larry Hoover!"
"I think I'm Al Gore! Larry Hoover!"

Rick Ross

Wanna know why Rozay will be spending so much time posting up by the Popeye's in his Maybach? It's because his eco-friendly cruiser's gonna run on biodiesel made from waste cooking oil. This guy, always hustling.

"DJ Khaled!"
"DJ Khaled!"

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DJ Khaled

The EPA rates the Bugatti Veyron as the least fuel efficient car in production. But if Khaled owned a 'Gatti, it'd still be totally green. Because, like its owner, it'd just sit there and do nothing. Result: Our gas mileage the best! Also, the horn yells "DJ Khaled!" when pressed, which happens a lot.

"First we save the planet, then we pop models."
"First we save the planet, then we pop models."


According to "Pop Bottles," Birdman "went from sitting in the cell/To sitting on a jet/From shitting in the cell/To shitting on a jet." Now it's back to cells when it comes to Stunna's sitting and/or shitting needs.

One of the nice things about hydrogen fuel cells is they produce only water, not exhaust. Baby's YMCMBMW could catch that water for use in a bird bath, which everyone can enjoy.

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