7/26 Cinderella Show at Pompano Beach Amphiteater Cancelled

....And so is the whole tour. Seems lead singer Tom Keifer's vocal cords have hemorrhaged (who knew that could even happen? yikes). Refunds are available at the point of purchase. Below is the official statement from Keifer's camp. -- Arielle Castillo

"It's with unbelievably deep regret that it must be announce that Cinderella's Tom Keifer's left vocal cord has hemorrhaged, thereby making it impossible for him to sing in the immediate future.

Tom felt his throat give way last night (6/11) finishing the set in pre-production rehearsals, went to his vocal doctor (Dr. Stephen Mitchell) in Nashville this morning, and was told the grim news. In the short term, Tom's Dr. told him it would be two to three weeks before the swelling and damage would recede to a point to where an assessment can be made as to whether surgery will be required.

Consequently, and again, most regretfully, there is no choice but to postpone the upcoming Cinderella tour until such time as Tom is ready to tour again. "


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