50 Best Miami Bands of All Time: From 50 to 46

Bangin' on the beach with Miami Bass Warriors in the eternal summer of 2010.
Bangin' on the beach with Miami Bass Warriors in the eternal summer of 2010.

Welcome to Miami. The beach is bangin'. Ditto the babes of both sexes. And the music is the effing best, bro.

But while the rest of America might want to limit the MIA's music scene to its coked-out clubbers, horny Calle Ocho party crews, and ass-blasting rappers, Dade County has always been rife with punks, metalheads, soul legends, swampy blues dudes, indie rockers, dark DJ duos, and experimental noise freaks too.

We got it all. Just check the cut for numbers 50 to 46 in Crossfade's epic list of the Best Miami Bands of All Time.

50. Scraping Teeth

Whenever a crappy national publication like Spin Magazine denounces your self-described "confrontational rock" crew as the Worst in America, you immediately become eligible for last place in Crossfade's Best Miami Bands of All Time. Thus, we honor Frank "Rat Bastard" Falestra and Scraping Teeth's sporadic, half-assed, almost 20-year commitment to releasing awesomely offensive classics like "Blow Me While I Shit." As Rat says, "Our motivation was always to be the greatest band in the world. It's what we've tried to do. And that's how you get to be the worst." -- S. Pajot

49. Frank Williams & The Rocketeers

If you happened to be wandering the streets of Miami in the 1960s and jonesing for that deep Dade County funk, you needed to go see Frankie Williams. From South Beach to Brown Sub or the Knight Beat to the Continental, he and The Rocketeers were all about showin' what they got -- real, hot, soulful R&B. Featuring a revolving cast of the best players on the scene (including the virtuosic Little Beaver), Frank Williams & The Rocketeers were a top draw at the clubs, and their records are worth serious cashola today. -- Jacob Katel

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