50 Best Miami Bands of All Time: From 40 to 36

Rollin' with Triple C's: Torch, Young Breed, Gunplay, and Ricky Rozay.
Rollin' with Triple C's: Torch, Young Breed, Gunplay, and Ricky Rozay.

After wildin' out to the brutal, punk-y, funky, bass-y, fuzzy strains of only ten Best Miami Bands of All Time (i.e. Scraping Teeth, Frank Williams & The Rocketeers, Iko Iko, ANR, Miami Bass Warriors and Nuclear Valdez, The Goods, Locos Por Juana, Cynic, Avenue D), our ears are already freakin' bleeding.

But deaf or not, this party don't end till Number 1. So check the cut for numbers 40 to 36 in Crossfade's ongoingly epic list.

40. The Agency

Late 20- and early 30-somethings who grew up in South Florida's late-'90s punk(ish) scene still get misty-eyed over this long-departed trio. That's probably because, musically, they gave us far better than we deserved. A stylistic outlier among the bands with which they shared bills, The Agency somehow managed to mix punk, power pop, strains of emo, and even a little prog. Bolstered by the technically flawless playing of bassist Chris Dureke, guitarist Klaus Ketelhohn, and drummer-singer Mike Marsh, the end result was simultaneously introspective and anthemic. -- Arielle Castillo

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39. Pygmy

This outfit was a genre unto itself. Of course, the group's guitar, bass, drums, vocals, and synthesizers would suggest so-called rock 'n' roll. But from 2000 to 2004, Pygmy was a gorgeously ugly duckling in a by-the-book hardcore/punk scene cycling through tech-metal, grind, and screamo. Gutarists Kris Pabon and Max Johnson laid an intricate, math rock-like foundation of interlocking guitars, upon which drummer Jorge Rubiera and bassist Jose Castello (and later, Jarrett Hahn) built complex rhythmic structures. On top of it all was the crooning, wailing and screaming of Edward Adames, the group's own bombastic descendent of Iggy Pop. Today there are few remnants of Pygmy: four self-released, barely distributed CDs, and a dead-end MySpace tombstone. Ironic then, that one of Miami's most original soundmakers may end up going virtually unheard. -- Matt Preira

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