50 Best Miami Bands of All Time: From 15 to 11

We be flexin'.

At various points in our city's music history, the raddest Miami-bred noisemakers have left town, hit beaches besides Haulover, and showed off the 305's sonic muscle all across these United States of America.

For the last few years, the Jacuzzi Boys have been the MIA's Best Scene Ambassadors. But there were many before them.

From Charlie Pickett to L'Trimm ... Just check the cut for numbers 15 to 11 in Crossfade's epic list of the 50 Best Miami Bands of All Time.

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15. Jacuzzi Boys

If any current Miami band has the opportunity to break out of South Florida and secure a wider national audience, it's the Jacuzzi Boys. Signed to Sub Pop imprint Hardly Art, the Boys' 2011 release, Glazin', which they smartly promoted with tours across the United States and Europe. (Take note, Miami bands: You don't break out by performing at the same five local clubs.) But even when they released 2009's No Seasons on Orlando's Florida's Dying, we here at Crossfade knew the Boys would become the men who'd put a face to Miami's indie and garage rock music scene. Perhaps the Jacuzzi Boys could once and for all disassociate the 305 from the word "¡Dale!" -- Jose D. Duran

14. Gucci Crew II

Before he was King of Diamonds' chief stripper wrangler, Disco Rick was the DJ, producer, and idea man behind prolific Miami bass outfit Gucci Crew II. Rappers Victor "MC V" May and Cleveland "Too Forty Shorty" Bell would release five albums together before fading in the mid '90s.

But the Crew's best work all came before a falling out with Rick led the producer to depart and form a new group called The Dogs (of "Your Mama's on Crack Rock" fame") in 1989. While '88's "Truz 'n Vogues" was one of the great car-accessory anthems of all-time, Gucci's all-time classic was 1987's "Sally (That Girl)," on which the duo chant-rapped lines like "She pulled down her pants and said, 'Splack these hams,'" in the stoic style of a '50s-era barbershop quartet. Sadly, like many of Miami bass's pioneers, May met a tragic end, the victim of a 2007 shooting in Americus, Georgia. -- Jesse Serwer

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