50 Best Miami Bands of All Time: From 10 to 6

No party lasts forever. Even in Miami.

The booze runs out. The coke gets snorted. The girls stop dancing. The club closes. The night ends.

But at least the music -- like Exposé's freestyle classic "Point of No Return" -- will never die.

Every night in the discotheque of eternity, you can slam vodka shots, toot fat lines, and shake that beautiful ass to a chiming hyperactive beat.

That's called immortality. Now check the cut for numbers 10 to 6 in Crossfade's epic list of the 50 Best Miami Bands of All Time.

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10. Murk

Miami homeboys Oscar Gaetan and Ralph Falcon didn't just put the 305 on the house music map in the '90s. They defined that decade's worldwide house sound, sending seven consecutive singles to number one on Billboard's Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart. And with a case of classic-house nostalgia seizing today's international dance floors, Gaetan and Falcon's sound is hotter and more relevant than ever. Get a load of 2011's chart-topping Murk comeback -- "Amame," featuring Jei -- for a taste of homegrown Latin-flavored Miami house at its best. -- Sean Levisman


Mostly led by pianist and songwriter Terry Adams, this legendary underground act got its start as a jam band in Kentucky. But it evolved into a fully formed outfit after hitting our swamplands in 1967. From that point until 2004 (with occasional reunions over the course of the past eight years), NRBQ (an abbreviation of New Rhythm and Blues Quartet) brewed a bubbling blend of psych-rock, heavy blues, experimental jazz, rockabilly, and ragtime that's been praised by everybody from Bob Dylan to Bonnie Raitt. If anything, the group was unpredictable, a quality that's made its influence on other acts far outshine any actual sales impact. NRBQ, an act once known for warped covers, has now itself been covered frequently by Raitt, Widespread Panic, and even Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward's She and Him. -- Arielle Castillo

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