Here's one of those cases of a band making it purely on perseverance and positive attitude. The group 311 has come a long way from unsuccessful stabs at studio work in L.A., prodigal sonlike returns to the Midwest, dog-food poverty in Van Nuys, and the great exploding RV incident of '93. During its fifteen-year-plus career, the band has steadily increased its fan base through its ultimate tool: touring. In their late thirties now, the bandmates once again take to the road to support a new album, Don't Tread on Me, a skankier continuation of the dub/reggae/rock-steady/punk sound. The album was produced by Ron Saint Germain (of Bad Brains and Soundgarden fame), who also produced 2003's Evolver. Expect a varied and long set: 311 prides itself on spanning its entire career onstage, as well as throwing a rarity or two into the mix.


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