31 Years of Churchill's

Last year, when Little Haiti's best and only sort-of-English pub turned 30, we got a tad worried. Would Dave Daniels take the milestone as an opportunity to finally sell the place? The answer was no, and though it seems like Daniels is perennially talking about ridding himself of it, Churchill's is an addiction, after all. Still, every year an independent business is open in Miami is a reason to celebrate, and you never know what will happen, so take a moment to spend the five measly bucks on the venue's 31st birthday.

Focusing straight on the vintage classics, the lineup isn't trying to bridge any eras of the club's history, but it's quality for the money. Noise terrorist Rat Bastard will perform, of course, as well as the notoriously unpredictable Load. In fact, on the club's website, the band is billed as "(New) Load," so who knows what Bobby Load has up his sleeves for this one. Headlining is the tri-county area's best rocker-turned-lawyer, Charlie Pickett, who deserves every bit of the musical renaissance he's enjoying.


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