305 Live

When Gil Scott-Heron spit "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" in 1970, he was condemning crass commercialization. Fast-forward 36 years and Scott-Heron's message has been remixed for modern sensibilities. Spoken-word artist/underground promoter Chris Imperial, of the Grassroots Collective, and director Ean Smith are filming an artistic revolution of their own. The intrepid duo is proudly presenting 305 Live, a musical showcase featuring performers whom Imperial refers to as "the ones to watch for '07."

"These are people who are either big on MySpace or locally — people who are close to getting record deals," Imperial explains. Singer Nacho of the Latin rock phenomenon Don Juan, talented Caribbean neo-soul crooner Keron Sealey, and members of I.T., the Independent Takeover compilation that Imperial is spearheading, will be performing live. Enjoy live music by up-and-comers Shawn Elliot, Lamar Jones, Kristoff Michelangelo, Raven, Melodik, and Southern Razed, among others.


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