22 Richest Pop Stars of 2014

22 Richest Pop Stars of 2014
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Pop stars. They're so rich it makes our brain hurt. The rest of us toil day in and day out for a yearly salary that these pretty-faced bastards would spend on shoes. Still, we all want to watch these guys live the lives that we never will, which in turn funds the whole spectacle.

Oh well. Things aren't going to change today, especially considering Forbes' latest list of highest earners. Don't you want to see who has more money than God? We know you do.

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22. Pharrell Williams: $22 Million

Why is Pharrell so "Happy"? He's had an incredible year, and though he only reaches the the last slot on this list, $22 Million as of June 2014 is definitely something to smile about. His work on summer hits "Blurred Lines" and "Happy" made sure he dominated the countdown. And that funny hat? He sold it to Arby's for $44,000 -- but that was for charity.

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21. Avicii: $28 Million

As Meek Mill says, there are levels to this shit, and no one knows that more than Dutch house DJ Avicii. His big-room anthem "Le7els" gets a lot of flak, but that's only because it was so good, it became the go-to track for DJs in any genre. We're all a little sick of hearing it, but Avicci is still listening to those royalty drops. This year, the release of his debut album bred a new crossover pop hit with the country-tinged "Wake Me Up," which sold in excess of 80 million units, more than any dance song in U.S. history.

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