20 Richest Rappers of 2013

20 Richest Rappers of 2013

In commercial hip-hop, your money game is even more important than your ability to rhyme. If you've got money, you've got rhymes, and if you don't have money, you fake it till you make it.

For these top earners, the faking days are over. Making Forbes' list of biggest rap bank accounts is proof you walk the way you're talking, and if you're real about numbers, your fans can believe you're real about other things, right?

Maybe that's faulty logic. But either way, these are the richest rappers of 2013.

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20. Questlove: $6 Million, tie

We're going to go ahead and call Questlove, director of the Legendary Roots Crew, the best drummer in the whole game. He's brought his intelligent gang up from the bottom to prime time. Perpetual underground heroes, they're now in households across America every night as the backing band for Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Plus, he's been DJ'ing a lot lately for extra cash.

20. Young Jeezy: $6 Million, tie

Jeezy (he actually dropped the "Young" recently because he's 35) hasn't released an album since 2011, but Forbes said a successful clothing line (8732 Apparel) and touring money has pushed him into the illustrious top 20.

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