13 Richest DJs of 2013

Having earned $46 million, Calvin Harris must bathe in dolla bills.
Having earned $46 million, Calvin Harris must bathe in dolla bills.
Calvin Harris via facebook.com/calvinharris

Say what you wanna say ... But the truth is there's no escaping the uhntz-uhntz of Calvin Harris and the ilk.

Within the last year alone, the blond-haired, bright-eyed Scottish EDM master made it to the Billboard Hot 100 at number 12 with his hit "Feel So Close," signed a 20-month residency with the über-exclusive Hakkasan Las Vegas, and topped Michael Jackson by becoming the first artist to have nine Top Ten singles in the U.K. from one studio album, 18 Months.

And when he's not Instagramming "huge moments" like seeing a green cone for the first time, he's topping Forbes' list of the world's Electronic Cash Kings with a hefty haul of $46 million ... Not too shabby for someone who claims his career was an accident.

Other hard-hitters to make wads of money from show earnings, endorsement deals, merch and music sales, and other business ventures were Tiësto, Swedish House Mafia, and Avicii. But how Diplo and the perpetually fist-pumping DJ Pauly D came in tied, is beyond us.

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Check the cut for the richest DJs of 2013.

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12. Diplo: $13 Million Per Year (Tie)

Diplo isn't afraid to "Express Himself" and his Major Lazer dancehall ways. Maybe that's why he earned $13 mil.

12. DJ Pauly D: $13 Million Per Year (Tie)

To some of the DJs on this list (ahem, Deadmau5), the talent of GTL obsessed DJ Pauly D is debatable. That doesn't take away from the fact that he's one of the richest DJs on Planet Earth... for the second year in a row.

The Guido put on over 90 fist-pumping shows over the last year and is still collecting Benjamin's from The Jersey Shore. Paul DelVecchio's even started his own Dirty Couture and REMIX vodka line, and signed deals with 50 Cent's SK Energy and SMS Audio. Alright so maybe his talent doesn't have everything to do with his ranking, but hey, the club rat can make it rain.

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