By Bill Gallo
Walt Disney's latest kiddie epic originated at the much-heralded Pixar Animation Studios, and like its predecessors (the Toy Story movies and A Bug's Life), this comforting, elaborately mounted undersea fable is long on technical dazzle and a bit short on storytelling. It concerns a wayward little clown fish (voiced by nine-year-old Alexander Gould) who winds up entrapped in a far-off aquarium, and the quest of his timid and fretful father (Albert Brooks) to find his son and fetch him back to their reef. The Pixar wizards -- more than 180 of them -- have created a delightful undersea world that's worthy of Disney's good name, and message-wise, the kids get a universal story of growing up, gaining courage, and taking solace in the love of a reliable parent. As for the movie's trio of hungry sharks, they're really deep into a self-help program designed to improve their public image. Directed by Andrew Stanton, production designed by Ralph Eggleston.
Andrew Stanton Erica Beck, Albert Brooks, Willem Dafoe, Ellen DeGeneres, Brad Garrett Andrew Stanton Graham Walters Walt Disney Pictures


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