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Zeke's Roadhouse - Closed

625 Lincoln Road Miami Beach, FL 33139 | South Beach | 305-672-3118

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Beers from all over the world for four bucks apiece. This place is perfect if you want to, um, drink lots of beer from all over the world for four bucks apiece

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    See also "Employees Say Zeke's Roadhouse Closing for Good."In what might be the quickest transition since Superman's wardrobe change in the phone booth, Zeke's Roadhouse has been replaced....
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    Looks like Lincoln Road institution Zeke's Roadhouse has sold its last brew. Employees say that Sunday night was the beer den's final curtain, adding that they were told the owner is ready...
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    For years, craft beer has flooded New England and California. Finally, Miami is coming around to the craze, transforming from a snobby cocktail city to a land of free-flowing...
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