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The Tango Times Dance Company

1613 NE 163rd St. North Miami, FL 33162 | Aventura/North Miami Beach | 786-221-5976

Location Description:

In a city like Miami, you damn well better know how to dance. And you can never go wrong with Latin-inspired steps. At the Tango Times Dance Company in North Miami, their mission is to bring the joys of the Argentinian tango to Miami's masses. Here, you can learn the ins and outs of that classic dance - bun, rose, drama and all. Led by tango masters Oscar Caballero and Roxana Garber, you can get schooled privately, in groups or via workshop or seminar. They also showcase waltzes, Argentinian folk dance, milonga, modern dance and other styles and variations on the classics. So slick back that hair and get into the groove already.

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Business Description

The Tango Times Dance Company was created by Oscar Caballero & Roxana Garber in 2001 to promote the Argentine Dances in the US.