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Kung Fu Connection

1396 NE 125th St. North Miami, FL 33161 | Upper Eastside/Miami Shores/Biscayne Park | 305-895-8326

Location Description:

Admit it - every time you watch a Kung Fu flick you ache with jealousy. If only you could roundhouse kick, wield butterfly knives and master the dragon claw, life would be so much more awesome. Well, at North Miami's Kung Fu Connection, you can do all of the above. Si Fu Gus Rubio teaches group classes in Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, Cheung Kune Pai Kung Fu, Tai Chi Chuan, Hua Shan Pai Chi Gung and Ba Gua. AKA, all the good stuff. If you've seen Bruce Lee do it, Rubio is probably schooling it. Breaking stuff with your fists is every bit as awesome as you'd imagine.