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Don Pan International Bakery

127 SE 2nd Ave. Miami, FL 33131 | Downtown/Overtown | 305-579-5299

Location Description:

The smell of baking goodies can bring any carb-lovin' human to his or her floury knees. And with 13 Don Pan outposts in South Florida, you're never far from a sweet treat. Or a cheesy one. Or a smoothie. Or a Serrano ham sandwich. Whatever you do, don't forget that good things come to those who wait, because Don Pan has a reputation for being superbusy. And in many locations, Spanish is the lingua franca. If you're a gringo, expect to do a lot of gesturing and grunting. But enjoy the total experience; the point is that this place was built on the premise of serving European treats with a decidedly South American twist. For instance, cheese cachapas and golfeados (cinnamon roll-like confections) rest comfortably alongside loaves of French bread and buttery croissants. And if your sweet tooth was extracted, Don Pan also serves savory favorites such as black beans, pan de queso, and ham and cheese cachitos. The Cuban coffee is decidedly less sweet than the kind served at other Latin eateries, but that's not a bad thing - the sugar factor in the fare could amp up the sweetness of a pickle.

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