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Coconut Grove Organic Farmers Market

3300 Grand Ave. Coconut Grove, FL 33133 | Coconut Grove | 305-238-7747
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Business Description

Welcome to Glaser Organic Farms! We thank you for your interest in our products. Established in 1980, our certified organic farm has taken care to provide the very best naturally grown organic produce and gourmet raw, vegan food for thirty years. We specialize in growing tropical fruits (such as mangos, papayas, lychees, bananas, avocados, and rare and exotic tropicals), winter vegetables, and herbs. Our practice of organic farming uses only nutritive components on our trees, gardens, and soils. It is our dedication to working and living with nature that allows us the pleasure of offering you foods of such exceptional quality. Prepared in our own farm’s certified kitchen, our recipes use the fruits, vegetables, flowers, sprouts, and herbs grown right here on our farm. In addition, we select the finest produce and certified organic ingredients from local organic farmers and certified organic growers from around the world. It is our special privilege to be able to use our own farm-grown organic ingredients in our raw food creations, bringing them direct from the garden to kitchen, to you.