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Business Description

ATELIER 1022 recreates the sense of an artistic community in a public space. ATELIER 1022’s permanent exhibit showcases an array of fine art photography, paintings, and mixed media works from resident artists Ellie Perla, Carola Perla, Susana Perla-Mendoza, and Carlos Rodriguez-Feo, and aspires to capture the gallery’s art community concept with a collection of elaborate canvases, dynamic color prints, and examples of rare photo processes. ATELIER 1022 invites art lovers to join in and celebrate beauty, colors, and rhythms in a place where art is made and polyglot gossip resounds off the walls. Future art exhibits for 2012/13 are planned around such themes as: steampunk art and photography; documentary photography and short films; fairytale books and young art; illustrations; friends-off-ATELIER 1022, and others. Our motto is “ArtVergnügen!” – The Pleasure of Art, and reflects our imperious need of making social art ... and making art social, for the sheer pleasure of it.