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  • Breaking Records
    9 months ago by Rich Robinson

    Do you ever get the urge to just paint old records? No? Well, that’s the difference between you and the music-loving artists gathering in Little Haiti this weekend. Analog Art 2 is a collaboration among a number of local group...

  • Analog Art Returns With a Vinyl Art Showcase in Little Haiti
    9 months ago by Rich Robinson

    Art has never been confined to canvas alone. Just ask those brave souls who first painted on cave walls, or the guys who designed those street chickens on Calle Ocho. (Oh yeah, they are in the same category, for sure.) Art happens w...

  • Miami's Ten Best Things to Do Under $10 This Weekend
    11 months ago by Laurie Charles

    The weekend has finally arrived, party people. And since you live in the Magic City, you know there's always gonna be a bash to crash and music to jam to even if you're a little on the broke side. Just take a look at the ten best th...

  • An Average Joe's Guide to Buying Art, with Yo Miami's Yuval Ofir
    1 year ago by Carolina del Busto

    It's a new year, folks, and instead of making false promises to yourself, why don't you invest in something solid and true -- like art? Art will never go out of style, and with Yo Miami's monthly art sale, your pockets won't be suff...

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