Westwind Lakes Skate Park

6805 SW 152 Ave.
Kendall, FL 33193

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    3 years ago by Victor Gonzalez

    Just 90 miles south, 11 million residents of the communist island nation of Cuba struggle to get by on the little food and money that the government has been rationing out for more than five decades. The freedom to use said money on...

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    Anyone can skate down the street and think they're a skater, but it takes a real experienced thrasher to jump off a 20-foot half-pipe and nail a 360-degree flip. And only at an actual skate park can you successfully train to skate l...

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    4 years ago by Victor Gonzalez

    Skateboarding is not a crime — not even in Cuba. In fact, it’s encouraged by Amigo Skate Cuba, a Miami-based non-profit whose mission is to enhance the lives of skaters, artists, and musicians living in Havana. “La...

  • Tony Hawk's Birdhouse Skate Tour Set to Shred Miami Sunday
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    ​Do you love to ollie, grind, and shove it? Is your stance goofy? Does the number 360 seem way too small these days? Well, we're not entirely sure what any of that means, but on Sunday , we know where we can find a few people...

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