True Loaf

1894 Bay Rd.
Miami Beach, FL 33139
Best Of
Asked what makes the South Beach bakery’s croissants so incredible, Tomas Strulovic says he and his team use high-fat butter and good flour and that they have very high standards. "If something doesn’t look good, we don’t sell it. We’d rather say, today there are no croissants." In addition to various croissants and several varieties of sourdough, True Loaf also sells baguettes, ciabatta, pastelitos, buns, and cookies. And if you stop by on a Friday, you can purchase freshly baked challah. The products are no doubt expensive, but delicious artisanal breads and pastries don't come cheap, especially when sold from a sleek bakery in an upscale location such as Sunset Harbour.

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