The Standard Hotel

40 Island Ave.
Miami, FL 33139
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  • The Standard Opens Its Doors for Back 2 Basics Vinyl Night
    2 months ago by Junette Reyes

    How we will be ingesting our music 50 years down the road is anyone's guess. But whatever it is we're sticking in our ear holes in 2065, you can bet there will be a small but vocal minority bemoaning the good ol' days of the first g...

  • Learn the Art of Acrobatic Yoga with H2Om AcroJam
    5 months ago by Carla Torres

    Remember when, as a child, you had summers off and all you wanted to do was play outside and do cart wheels with your friends? Then you grew up and took on these little things called responsibilities. Ugh. But that doesn't mean that...

  • The Ten Best Places to Day-Drink in Miami
    5 months ago by Kat Bein

    How stupid is work? The stupidest, obviously, but it’s a necessary evil. Like flossing, or Ryan Seacrest. Of course, you can only take so much monkeying around before you throw your hands up in the air and dismiss all your adult res...

  • The Twelve Best Things to Do in Miami This Week
    5 months ago by Miami New Times staff

    This week looks bright and sunny, with plenty of things to keep you busy. From theater to music, outdoor yoga, and the return of the Dude, Miami is your oyster. Get out there and enjoy your city.  THU 6/18 While most of the cou...

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