Teixeira Portugal Restaurant

1569 Sunset Dr.
South Miami, FL 33143
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Teixeira Portugal Restaurant

CandaceWest.com Chef Teixeira in the kitchen.


  • Lunch and dinner daily noon to 11 p.m.
  • Wheelchair accessible, Beer and wine, Family Style, Takeout
  • Lunch, Dinner
  • Beer/Wine
  • Metered Parking, Street Parking
  • Reservations Accepted
There’s good reason why the humble codfish is so prevalent at this 80-seater opened in 2015. Teixeira Portugal Restaurant also offers a bevy of traditional appetizers such as grilled Portuguese sausage alongside seafood stews and rices. The history of Portuguese cuisine, which is represented in Miami in only a handful of restaurants, is filled with off-white fillets of the ubiquitous catch. The heartiness and seemingly endless shelf life of the salted, preserved fish became the fuel for Europe's exploration and exploitation of the world, and Teixeira serves it almost a dozen ways. Order it "a nortenha"; and a fat, pearly lobe of the fish is deep-fried, lathered in a creamy pumpkin-hued garlic sauce, and sandwiched between two heaps of mashed potatoes. Or opt for it grilled so the skin takes on a smoky char before it's set atop a mound of steamed potatoes twisted up with red peppers, garlic, and caramelized onions. In some dishes, the cod acts more as a seasoning, lending some salty oceanic notes to each bite, than a main ingredient. Yet in a pair of stews, the cod is front and center, presented whole. And really, there’s no need to hide. In the caldeirada de bacalhau, sizable hunks of the flaky, firm flesh sit alongside steamed yellow potatoes, all draped in a thin tomato sauce fortified with garlic, olive oil, and just a hint of vinegar. So go ahead, get the stew, the fried cod, the grilled one, and, while you're at it, the cheesy garlicky concoction called bacalhau com natas just for good measure.

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