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Steak Brasil Churrascaria, the most authentic and enjoyable Brazilian restaurant in Downtown Miami, is announcing its anniversary celebration taking place on March 26th. For the past three years, the restaurant has brought entertainment and mouth-watering food to our plates, making us travel to Brazil without leaving the city of Miami. Many restaurants claim true authenticity in their food offerings, but Steak Brasil lets its customers do the talking. The restaurant prides itself in providing patrons an all-encompassing legitimate Brazilian experience by focusing on family, friendship and a love for tradition. Jaciel Santos, owner of Steak Brasil, has worked in every possible aspect of the restaurant business for more than 12 years to finally craft together what he likes to call, “unique experience of proximity” to his native country. By emphasizing on little details, such as greeting customers with a welcoming and joyful “Bom Dia!” to hiring accomplished gauchos with over 20 years of experience preparing and serving according to Brazil’s richest traditions, Santos is showcasing to numerous customers the best parts of his culture. “It was important for me to create a space where family and friends have the luxury to eat outside their home, yet still feel the comfort and ease of being at home,” said Santos. “I wanted more than a place where you go once a year to celebrate a big event, but instead a place that feels like the weekend visit to your favorite aunt’s house where you eat until your heart is content while talking and reconnecting.” During the third anniversary celebration, the “passista” dancers will be presenting an impressive performance for all of our guests and the restaurant will be offering complementary Caipirihna tasting, the most popular and delicious cocktail in the country of Brazil, 2 for 1 drink specials and traditional sharing options like picanha, an assortment of sausages or cheeses that will awake your taste buds. “The 3rd year anniversary of our restaurant serves as a testament of all of our staff’s hard work,” said Jaciel Santos “We plan to expand and open a second location very soon” Celebrate with the Churrascaria the astonishing year it has been and transport to South America from your seat.
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