Play Au Lait

9025 SW 72nd Place
Miami, FL 33156
Best Of


  • Sun 10am-6pm, Mon-Thu 10am-7pm, Fri-Sat 10am-8pm
It ain't easy keeping the little ones occupied - particularly when they have an energy quotient that significantly outshines that of their parents. Thank God for Play au Lait, South Florida's saving grace for overtired guardians. Here, parents can work via free Wi-Fi, sip champagne in the gourmet cafe or share secrets with other adults while their kiddos play. There are three separate age appropriate recreation areas featuring everything from obstacle courses to bounce houses to trampolines. Grown ups can host catered parties for the wee ones, attend parental discussion groups or just take a seat while your the kids burn off some serious steam. It's clean, safe and tons of fun. Unlike a lot of places we might mention.


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