Newport Beachside Resort and Hotel

16701 Collins Ave.
North Miami Beach, FL 33160

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  • Jewish Girls Know How to Party
    4 years ago by Victor Gonzalez

    First kiss? Jewish girl. First cigarette? Jewish girl. First bong rip? Jewish girl. Seemingly every “bad” thing we did as a kid was in cahoots with a Jewish gal named Sarah we’d met in third grade. She was a real b...

  • Karina Iglesias
    7 years ago by Christopher Lopez

    Locally born and bred songstress Karina Iglesias has more soul than a sock with a hole — one listen to her music gives that away. Songs from the singer-songwriter's repertoire traverse R&B, funk, and beyond while remaining smo...

  • Michael's Kitsch-en
    8 years ago by Lee Klein

    Big fat Americans like big fat food. That's why God gave us The Cheesecake Factory. Michael's Kitchen, a hit in Hollywood before its relocation last month to the Newport Beachside Hotel & Resort in Sunny Isles Beach, is a step above...



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