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  • Artfully Exposed
    6 months ago by Carla Torres

    Remember the scene in Titanic where Rose asks Jack to paint her like one of his French girls, wearing only the heart of the ocean diamond? Kate Winslet’s 15 minutes of nudity sparked fantasies in women everywhere to want to be...

  • The Ten Best Things To Do This Weekend in Miami
    8 months ago by Shelly Davidov

    Take a deep breath. Not only is the work week almost done, but that inhale wasn't one big gulp of gross humidity. Summer is officially gone in Miami, and that means a lot less heat, a little less rain, and actually enjoying the jour...

  • DWNTWN Art Days Kickoff Features Exhibits, Short Films, and Food Trucks
    8 months ago by Lee Zimmerman

    The arts are alive and well in downtown Miami. What's that, you say? Hasn't Wynwood already assured that fact? Hasn't Art Basel proven that Miami's already become a center of the art universe? Yes, and yes, but in this case we're ta...

  • Free Events This Week: Ice Cream Social, Free Wine, Art Walk
    2 years ago by Hannah Sentenac

    Mondays are even more oppressive in the summertime, when our thoughts turn to beach days, boat time and booze. Cubicles and fun in the sun are like Rick Scott and progressive politics -- morally opposed. Sigh. But despite the arriva...