Calle Ocho

7365 SW 8th St.
Coral Gables, FL 33134


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    Yet another weekend is upon us, thank goodness. As always, there's plenty to do in the Magic City. This weekend offers art sales, an orchid show, Cuban-influenced jazz, and French film. Enjoy your weekend, you've worked hard. See al...

  • 10 Things To Do This Weekend in Miami
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    Christmas is over - you've likely eaten too much lechon , spent too much money, and probably spent too much time with your family. Now's your chance to get out of the house, distract yourself or keep your Christmas guests entertaine...

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    The day after Christmas can be hard. Still a little sleepy from being woken in the wee hours by kids eager to tear open their gifts, drowsy from all of the overeating, and a house filled with family looking to be entertained. There&...

  • Carnival of Consumption
    14 years ago by Celeste Fraser Delgado

    Around three o'clock Sunday afternoon, March 11, 2001, Manny Rojas savors a glass of Scotch and a cigar. He has been at work since 10:00 the night before -- setting up stages and police stands, checking sound systems and visiting ve...

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