Stick It

This thing sucks in comparison to the charming Kirsten Dunst cheerleading movie Bring It On, which was also penned by Stick It writer-director Jessica Bendinger. That film was charming in its exploration of teenage-girl athletics; too bad this one shares all of Bring It On's flaws while lacking most of its appeal. Some of the gymnastics footage is fun to watch, and those interested in the politics of the pommel horse might be enthralled. But the rest is populated by cardboard characters and creepiness — Jeff Bridges can't transcend the ick factor of a male gymnastics coach — and there's nothing at stake for the girls before the final scenes arrive. The message? Gymnastics is difficult. Girls, be yourselves. And stick together in the face of outmoded, arbitrary sports judging. Any other questions? Go seek the answers in Bring It On.

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