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Ludicrously named hit man Chev Chelios (Jason Statham) awakens to the news that he's been injected with a deadly poison, the effects of which can be staved off by cranking his adrenaline up to insanely high levels. Naturally his reaction is to turn the city of Los Angeles into his own personal Grand Theft Auto game while searching for the culprit (José Pablo Cantillo). Property is destroyed, racial prejudices are indulged, and Chev even delivers a very public doggy-style sex scene with his doofus stoner girlfriend (Amy Smart). First-time feature directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor play with speed and sound to effectively re-create the buzz of an overcaffeinated all-nighter, delivering one of the year's best pure junk-food entertainments. They understand that a stimulant high isn't about just fast-motion but also weird periods of slowness and distortion. If you stop to think too hard about any aspect of the story, things might fall apart; but stopping is something the movie never lets you do.


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