Big People's Cartoon

Spike and Mike's 1999 Classic Festival of Animation, Spike and Mike's latest edition of their annual festival (which is definitely not to be confused with their grosser, inferior Sick and Twisted fests) is their best compilation yet. There's not a single stiff in the batch. The material is all new with two exceptions: The Balance, the Oscar winner from 1989; and Marv Newland's 1969 favorite Bambi Meets Godzilla, which is included as a setup for Eric Fernandes's recent Son of Bambi Meets Godzilla. (It's amazing how well the overly familiar Balance holds up.) There is ample evidence here of the remarkable maturity of computer animation: from Pierre Coffin's modest Pings to this year's wonderful Oscar winner, Bunny, and the ingenious Bingo and The Art of Survival. More traditional techniques are well represented by Busby and Hum Drum. Nearly all the entries are funny; the few that aren't, such as The Queen's Monastery, have other redeeming qualities.


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