One Two Punch

10:00 p.m. every Thu.
Electric Pickle
2826 N. Miami Ave. Miami, FL

Price: free

One Two Punch!

Ever been KO'd by a DJ spinning "failed pop" and old-school vinyl tracks? If so, then chances are you're gonna get a black eye on Thursday nights at the Electric Pickle's One Two Punch party. "One is the resident DJ, which is me," explains DJ Benton. "Two are the other DJs, Mixx Piggy and a guest, and the Punch is the $4 Electric Punch we serve from my friend in the Juicery Bar in Brickell. That's kind of the pun behind it." Officially kicking off next Thursday with the launch of Jolt Radio's new website, One Two Punch is one of the latest weekly parties to take place at the Pickle. "It's really a fun party," Benton enthuses. "It's high-energy." Earlier this year, the North Miami Avenue hot spot went on a hiatus due to minor renovations and some code enforcement issues. But the Pickle rolled with the punches and relit its neon-green sign for good. "This party is like from the ashes of the last party we had, Eclectic Electric. It's the phoenix rising from those ashes, but different. This is supposed to be more where we come from and open people up to a lot of different tastes. "I kind of have my own eclectic mix of music," the DJ adds, "and there's also Mixx Piggy, and she's playing goth music and dance music from the '70s. It's a larger spectrum of music that you might not usually hear at the Pickle, but it still fits." So what you get is funk, soul, pop, goth, and boogie fused in such a way that it'll make "you want to wiggle," Benton laughs. "It's like a fun party atmosphere where you really won't know what's coming next. You're there for the ride. It's more like letting loose and getting the stress out and enjoying it with other people." The best part: It's streamed live on Jolt Radio. So if for some unforeseen reason you can't make it to the Pickle, you can always jam from home or the road. "I'm happy to have my dance floor back. That's what makes the difference - the Pickle's aesthetics and values set that bohemian attitude for a nightclub that you don't find anywhere else in Miami."

Laurie Charles

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Electric Pickle

2826 N. Miami Ave. Miami, FL

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