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Declaration of Dance Festival

Nikki Beach Miami : 12:00 p.m. August 30

"I've heard music," Oscar G says, "my whole life." Born in Miami to Cuban parents, he took piano lessons, learned to play drums, and joined the church choir. But it was those slabs of black plastic that eventually obsessed him. And so, the future house-music legend got into the habit of... More >>

South Beach Dance

Fedde Le Grand

Space : 10:00 p.m. August 30

Fedde Le Grande is a busy man. When he's not collaborating with international music icons or wrapping up his latest record, he's touring the world, jetting from his home in the Netherlands to remote locales. To say his 2006 single — the homage to the mecca of techno called "Put Your... More >>

Downtown/Overtown Dance

Calvin Harris

LIV : 11:00 p.m. August 30

Say what you wanna say ... But the truth is there's no escaping the uhntz-uhntz of Calvin Harris. Within the last year alone, the blond-haired, bright-eyed Scottish EDM master made it to the Billboard Hot 100 at number 12 with his hit "Feel So Close," signed a 20-month residency with the... More >>

Mid/North Beach Dance

Pete Tong

Story Nightclub : 11:00 p.m. August 30

As the esteemed host of BBC Radio 1's Essential Mix and Essential Selection, Pete Tong has kept a finger pressed on the pulse of global dance music for the better part of two decades. Though broadcasting from Europe, where electronic dance music dominates the mainstream airwaves, Tong has seen... More >>

South Beach DJ

Deep Purple

Hard Rock Live : 7:00 p.m. August 31

Even though you’ve heard it a bunch of times, the riff from "Smoke On the Water" is still one of the coolest crunches ever recorded. It just oozes rock ’n’ roll and demands your attention, much like the band behind it. That’s why the Hard Rock Live (1 Seminole Way,... More >>

Hollywood Rock

Catwalk: A Night of Vogue

The Garret at Grand Central : 11:00 p.m. August 31

You've heard the Madonna song "Vogue." Maybe you've seen the cult documentary Paris Is Burning. But have you witnessed Catwalk at The Garret? It's the only place in Miami where you, the spectator, can just walk in and experience the sensation that is ballroom culture. No matter whether you are... More >>

Downtown/Overtown Theme Nights, Dance


Grand Central : 11:00 p.m. August 31

A lot has changed for the boys of GTA. They're no longer Miami's most promising upstarts but internationally known DJ-producers. They've opened for Rihanna's world tour, played nearly every major music festival in the United States, and relocated to the West Coast. But even though JWLS (AKA... More >>

Downtown/Overtown EDM

Laidback Luke

Story Nightclub : 11:00 p.m. August 31

Laidback Luke isn't just some international EDM superstar. He's also a kung-fu master. But like all truly dangerous martial artists (and genuinely famous DJ-producers), he prefers to undersell his neck-snapping and ass-kicking skills. "I'm not really a master yet," Luke insists, modestly.... More >>

South Beach Dance

Drake vs. Lil Wayne

Cruzan Amphitheatre : 7:00 p.m. September 3

After Jay Z and Beyoncé did not attend Kanye West’s wedding to Kim Kardashian, rap fans put forward a theory that Yeezus is articulating his indignation by censoring Jay Z’s name from his recent live performances. But weep not; they weren’t even the biggest bromance in... More >>

West Palm Beach Hip-Hop


Revolution Live : 7:30 p.m. September 5

Savoy hit the scene only a few years back and already has a diverse following of devoted fans addicted to its adrenaline-inducing, notoriously high-energy live shows. The band's name itself is all inclusive. The trio of Gray Smith, Ben Eberdt, and Mike Kelly titled their act after the Savoy... More >>

Fort Lauderdale Electronica

Juan Gabriel

American Airlines Arena : 8:00 p.m. September 5

Juan Gabriel is arguably among the more important figures in modern Mexican music, having written some of its most famous songs, including "Querida," "Hasta Que Te Conocí," and "Amor Eterno." Gabriel has also worked extensively as a producer (for Rocio Dúrcal, Lucha Villa, Lola... More >>

Downtown/Overtown Latin

Cyborgs vs. Slap & Tickle

Electric Pickle : 10:00 p.m. September 5

Dress-up is officially cool again. So is being a sci-fi geek. In our opinion, that stuff never went out of style. But even if you're not a nerd for robots, the latest nightlife endeavor from sexy, dark DJ Uchi will get you bleepin' and bloopin' like a vintage automaton on the fritz. It's... More >>

Midtown/Wynwood/Design District DJ

David Guetta

Story Nightclub : 11:00 p.m. September 5

A few years ago, David Guetta was just another house music DJ who was huge in Europe and not nearly as famous in the United States. Then came 2009, the year the Parisian (one of France's top DJs since the late '80s) released his fourth album, One Love, and produced "I Gotta Feeling" for the... More >>

South Beach Dance

Kings of Leon

Cruzan Amphitheatre : 7:00 p.m. September 6

Some would say the Kings of Leon never went away; others would argue they are just coming back and now some fans are simply crying in a corner. Tt was announced last month that the Nashville-based radio-friendly rockers were canceling two weeks of shows so drummer Nathan Followill can recover... More >>

West Palm Beach Rock, Indie Rock

Cris Cab

Hyde Beach at the SLS Hotel : 8:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m. September 6

Most 21 year olds don't spend their days traveling around the world, performing their songs for crowds of adoring fans while collaborating with some of the biggest names in the music industry. 

But Cris Cab is not most 21 year olds. Thanks to a combination of hard work,... More >>

South Beach Pop

Steve Martin & Martin Short

Hard Rock Live : 8:00 p.m. September 6

The untimely death of Robin Williams, arguably one of the greatest performers to have walked the planet, left many of us shattered. So let’s seek some solace in an entertaining evening that pairs Steve Martin and Martin Short, men whose comedy credentials place them at the pinnacle of the... More >>

Hollywood Comedy


Churchill's Pub : 9:00 p.m. September 6

Orbweaver describes a common group of spiders. Spiders spin webs, and in these webs, they catch their dinner. Orbweaver is an experimental psych-metal band created by its singer, Broward native and main songwriter Randy Piro. He's been weaving tales and catching ideas in them, creating music... More >>

Midtown/Wynwood/Design District Rock

Paul Oakenfold

LIV : 11:00 p.m. September 6

Amid the manic hype of the so-called "EDM explosion," it is reassuring that DJs like Paul Oakenfold are still around. As one of the founding fathers of trance, Oakenfold has proven to be a dance innovator for over 20 years, influencing the masses' conception of electronic music and... More >>

Mid/North Beach Dance

Prince Royce

The Fillmore Miami Beach : 7:00 p.m. September 7

Even Geoffrey Royce Rojas knows the meaning of hard work and hustle. Today, todas las mujeres know him as the Latin Grammy-nominated bachata star Prince Royce. But just a few years ago, Rojas was a kid with a dream, juggling a full-time job, college classes, and late-night recording sessions... More >>

South Beach Latin, Bachata

Lily Allen

The Fillmore Miami Beach : 8:00 p.m. September 9

Google Lily Allen's name and the first news clippings that pop up are British tabloids discussing her weight and "erratic" behavior. The headlines read "Lily Allen flashes a hint of toned stomach" and "Lily Allen's behaviour 'worries pals.'" When she launched her music career in 2006 with... More >>

South Beach Singer-Songwriter

Good Monday

Haven : 10:00 p.m. every Mon.

Sunday morning rolls around, and you’re recovering from that killer Saturday-night binge. You have a late brunch and park yourself on your couch for the rest of the day, knowing you can’t go into work reeking of alcohol. Sundays are for pulling yourself together for the beginning of... More >>

South Beach Hip-Hop

Hi Fi Tuesdays

The Corner : 10:00 p.m. every Tue.

She was born Laura Sutnick in Bogotá and raised ping-ponging between the Colombian capital and the MIA. Her sound is similarly cosmopolitan: Laura's forte is new disco and the related electronica and Italo that helps make it go-go. On the fast track for her master's degree in music... More >>

Downtown/Overtown DJ

Lapdance Tuesdays

Cameo : 11:00 p.m. every Tue.

Welcome to SoBe, a strange and beautiful seaside oasis where it's considered perfectly normal to spend one's life wandering barefoot and half-naked through the streets and across the sands in pursuit of fallen coconuts and horny tourists. Other "normal" South Beach behavior: auditioning for... More >>

South Beach Hip-Hop, DJ

Magnum Mondays

STK Miami : Every Mon.

You're at STK Steakhouse on the Beach grooving to the music. The waiter brings out your bone-in rib steak, done medium rare, just the way you like it. You sit down to dig in when you hear your favorite 80's tune and then you're on your feet again, dancing, the steak waiting for the music to... More >>

South Beach Lounge


The Nest : 10:00 p.m. every Mon.

Party people looking to keep the weekend going with good tunes and cheap drinks have a new Monday night hangout. Local DJ and producer Niko Javan, who recently dropped an EP via Vice Magazine's Thump, has linked up with the Mondaze weekly at downtown dance club The Nest. "Basically, my homie... More >>

Downtown/Overtown Eclectic, Dance
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