Food For Thought

Food For Thought

Ciara LaVelle

No matter whether you spent the holidays devouring lots of latkes, half a Christmas ham, or Sandra Lee’s infamous Kwanzaa cake, chances are you’re re-examining your relationship with food in the new year. Were you just happily celebrating the season with family or secretly drowning your sorrows in a lake of gravy and mashed potatoes? Is there an empty spot in your soul that no number of grandma’s dough balls can fill? After you’ve resolved to diet (and maybe also to see a therapist) in 2014, take the first step to seeing food differently: not as a mere distraction from your raging seasonal depression, but as a vital part of human culture. The Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU’s “Growers, Grocers & Gefilte Fish: A Gastronomic Look at Florida Jews & Food” presents more than 200 years of Jewish history in the Sunshine State, particularly that of the people who have created the ingredients, brands, and recipes that have become emblematic of the region. From the owners of some of Florida’s largest citrus groves to current food trendsetters such as Michelle Bernstein and Lee Schrager, Jews have been running this town’s culinary scene for centuries. The exhibit has been on view since this past October, but there’s no time like the new year to change your perspective on feeding yourself. Just try to ignore the section about Burger King founder Ben Stein. Your Whopper days are behind you now, remember?

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Growers, Grocers & Gefilte Fish: A Gastronomic Look at Florida Jews & Food

On exhibit now, Growers, Grocers and Gefilte Fish is comprised of more than 400 photographs and 60 objects, and includes over 250 Florida Jewish families and companies.

Jews in the Sunshine State are better known for serving up delicious corned beef on rye than for their work in the fields. However, Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU guests may be surprised to learn that Florida is home to the "King of Citrus," groves three times the size of Manhattan and even sixth generation dairy farmers, all businesses owned and operated by Jews.

Growers, Grocers & Gefilte Fish: A Gastronomic Look at Florida Jews in Food spans nearly 200 years of history, with artifacts, figures and photographs that will feed your memories and tempt your taste buds, including produce growers, "ma and pa" grocers, gefilte fish distributors, butchers, bakers and world renowned chefs.

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