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Bass Museum of Art
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Stay Gold

In 1961, Piero Manzoni shocked the art world when he sealed 90 cans of his own feces and priced each 30-gram opus based on the current value of gold, or about $1.12 per gram back then. By 2008, one of the conceptual artist’s turd-filled tins snagged more than $200,000 at auction, proving that while shit has no value, gold is a priceless commodity that has continued hitting record highs in recent years. To celebrate its 50th anniversary, the Bass Museum of Art (2100 Collins Ave., Miami Beach) has organized an homage to the precious material with “Gold,” a new exhibit boasting painting, sculpture video, photography, and installations exploring how the blue-chip commodity has been used throughout history and how it is referenced by contemporary artists today.  “This is a very special exhibition because it is our golden jubilee,” says Jose Carlos Diaz, the museum’s curator. “Gold is one of the most expensive mediums, yet artists continue to utilize and emulate gold in their work, often becoming modern-day alchemists.” Works on view include Robin Rhode’s gilded shovel, resting atop a pile of coal dust that references the South African region responsible for producing half the gold ever discovered, along with the atrocities committed by those mining the material there. Rhode is just one of 20 top creative names on display. “ ‘Gold’ examines how the metal has been used in contemporary art and explores its future, both conceptually and as a material,” Diaz adds.

Carlos Suarez De Jesus



Bass Museum of Art

2100 Collins Ave. Miami Beach, FL

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